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Etiquette & Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

  • Registered guests must be at least 19 years of age with a valid picture ID.

  • Checkout time is prior to 11:00 am on the date of departure - there will be a $30 late check out fee applied if past check out time.

  • Check in begins at 1:00 pm – early arrivals may be asked to wait in the overflow parking. 

  • Quiet time is from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am and is strictly enforced. *music must not interfere with your neighbors - it should be no louder than a normal conversation volume.

    • Please do not ask your neighbors if its okay to have loud music

    • The following are not permitted within the park - outdoor karaoke setups or vehicles using their stereo/bass systems. 

  • Black (septic/holding tank) and grey water - if disposed of within the Park, an environmental fine between $300-$500 will be charged to the credit card on file and an immediate ban applied. *There is a free sani dump within 6 minutes of our campground in Agassiz, BC at the Recreation Center*

  • Fire pits are not to be used to burn plastics, cans, food, diapers, or anything other than clean untreated wood. If you would like to donate clean wood, please reach out to the Park Operator; do not leave any wood behind in your site.

  • Sites deemed excessively messy by staff after check out will be charged an additional $100.00 cleaning fee and may result in a ban for future bookings. 

    • If you use rope to tie items down, take all scraps with you, do not leave in trees, on the ground or picnic tables.

    • Do not leave your pet's plastic bags with feces anywhere within the Park grounds or on the beach

    • Do not drop sunflower, pistachio, peanut shells or any other nut shells on the ground - this is littering.

  • Generator use is permitted between 8am - 10am and 5pm – 7pm.  Generators must be placed within the campsite and not in the surrounding vegetation and/or beach.

  • Liquor consumption is prohibited anywhere in the park, including the beach. Please drink responsibility within your campsite boundaries.

  • Smoking and vaping are only permitted within your site. If you smoke cigarettes or cannabis, please dispose of your butts responsibly; do not litter. A $50 clean up fee will be implemented if butts are found within your site.

  • (1) vehicle per site - all additional vehicles, this includes your primary vehicle if it does not fit within your site, must park in overflow parking across from the office – no parallel parking on the roadway. *Extra vehicles will be towed without warning*

  • All camping set ups, (RV, tent, popups, etc.) must be within your site’s boundary (between numbered posts); this includes your slide(s) and hitch. Units must be either backed in or can be front facing- no U shape or parallel parking. Tents may not set up on the beach.

  • One camping unit per site. For example 1 trailer and 1 vehicle. (An RV unit, plus an SUV or vehicle to sleep in is not acceptable).

  • Fire pits may NOT be moved or placed on the beach - picnic tables must be put back before checking out.

  • Please be respectful of your neighbor and do not walk between sites when navigating the park. Please use main roads, sidewalks, and designated public paths to walk around the campground.

  • A maximum of four (4) adults are allowed per campsite.  An adult must accompany all children 15 years and younger.

  • 3 night minimum for long weekends.

  • 14 night consecutive maximum stay - 30 day wait before rebooking during the season.

  • Pack out what you pack in - garbage must go with you. Recycling is encouraged and bins are provided.

  • Well-behaved pets are welcome at the campground. All pets must always be on a leash and under your control (being on a leash and letting your pet drag the leash is not acceptable), this includes within your site.  Owners are expected to clean up after their pets, failure to clean up after your pet will result in you being asked to leave without a refund.

    • Pets may not be left unattended in our park. Please do not tie your pet to a tree and leave. Leaving your pets unattended is dangerous for your pet as many factors including weather, power outages, etc. can affect your pets well-being while you are away.

    • Excessive barking is not tolerated and disturbs your neighbors. Please note that excessive barking may result in you being asked to leave without a refund.

    • Aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome at the Cheam Fishing Village & Campground. If your dog exhibits behavior that is protective and unfriendly towards strangers and other dogs, please leave it home. If you decide to bring your dog and it displays this type of behavior the Management of Cheam Fishing Village & Campground will ask you to please find other camping accommodations

  • Registered campers are responsible for their visitors and any pet(s) they may bring. Visitors must park in overflow parking across from the office and walk in, they may not park within the campground regardless of whether there are vacant sites or space. Guests will need to exit the park by 10 pm every night of the week.

    • It is the registered campers responsibility to let their visitors know where to park.

    • For visitors with mobility challenges, they can be picked up by the registered camper at the overflow parking lot or may be dropped off at the site - the vehicle will need to immediately move to overflow parking.

    • Visitors with items such as chairs, coolers, etc., registered campers may pick them up in overflow parking to transport items or visitors may drop off items after which the vehicle must be moved to overflow parking.

  • Tent, BBQs, propane, or wood fires are not permitted on the beach.

  • Absolutely no cutting or removal of any trees, shrubs, grasses, or flowers, digging holes or pits within the Park and the surrounding grounds.

  • You may bring your own firewood but must take any excess firewood with you when you leave.  Clean wood only, no pallets, treated lumber or construction waste allowed. Chainsaws are not permitted.

  • No off-road or unlicensed vehicles are to be operated within the Park, this includes the beach and gravel bars. 

  • No unlicensed drivers may operate vehicles in the Park.

  • Absolutely no parking, driving or camping on the beach or gravel bars - vehicles and/or boat trailers will be towed at the owner's expense.

  • All vehicles, RV trailers, motorhomes, etc., must have proof of valid insurance if requested by staff.

  • Vandalism of any kind by anyone in your group (regardless of age) will result in immediate eviction.

  • Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.  Keep your valuables locked up.

  • Fishing entrails or other waste from cleaning fish are not to be disposed of in the Park or on the beach.  No hunting, shooting, or handling of firearms of any sort is allowed. 

  • Absolutely no fireworks of any kind within the Park and its beaches or gravel bars.

  • Please be considerate and kind to fellow campers and staff. Aggressive behavior, threats, and rude comments towards other campers and staff will result in being asked to leave immediately.

  • Please record and report anything out of the ordinary to the Camp Manager/Host by calling  604-997-5533. 

        For emergencies call 911

Cancellation Policy

  • For all cancellations, a non-refundable, non-transferable fee equivalent to (1) night reservation fee will not be returned.

  • Any refunds owed will be refunded to the credit card on file, if a reservation was paid by debit, a cheque will be issued and mailed.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds for early check outs or leaving prior to departure date.

  • Cheam Fishing Village and Campground does not give credit or refunds due to the discomforts of nature

  • In the event Cheam Fishing Village and Campground closes due to dangerous conditions such as flooding, wildfires, or other unforseen matural events, guests will be offered a full refund or the option to a credit held in their account to use for a future booking. 


Be Safe and Be kind.



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